What does it mean when Your lawyer call another lawyer and he does not reply

That means the other lawyer has a jump start one you.  He don’t care about you.

That means the other lawyer has filed a complaint in court.  The lawyer is bypassing Your attorney and filing paperwork in court.  You need to go to your local court(s) and check to see if there are any claims, ganishments, suits againt You because there are some lawyers who does this without properly serving the defendant.


Going to court makes You lock up.  You say a lot of things at home that you would not say in court.   When You do go to court, you will hear a lot “yes ma’am, your honor…okay…your right your honor…” this is not standing up for yourself.  Let the judge know directly what your against and defense that claim.  In return, you need to file the necesary paperwork to defense your claim.  Dont be afraid to change your judge when being treated rule or insensitive  BEFORE a decision has been made.  However, this fear factor is not all your mind, the judge will lock you up if you get the best of HIM verbally.  The fear I felt in court was mainly due to the fact I know that the judge was against me.  Why a judge who is white male catholic, take sides with a black women who wears islamic gear.  WHY Would a white female, who live in the suburbs understand what it like to wear a facial covering. They won’t.  So, basically, the justice system would be locked up by these judges to prevent the case from being tried according to the law.

What to expect when a see an Attorney

It funny a Pro Se going to see an attorney but it happens.  You probably abhorred the ideal of representing yourself in court or may what advise.  So what to expect. I will just tell you my experience.   Like I had been given truth serum.  They ask so many question it like the truth was pouring from my eyes.  Then afterwards they always turned around and say no (they can’t take the case) that is how I became a Pro Se.  Obviously, I believe I something more than their opinion so I went forth and represented myself in court.

What is a Pro Se

A Pro Se is a person who represent their self in court.  A Pro Se can be sued, countersued or can sue and countersue.  If you are defending yourself in court you have two titles, Pro Se and defendant or plaintiff this inform the court position of your position.  The main different between a defendant and plaintiff is who filed first.  You are either defending yourself from a claim or  started the claim.


You must follow the law to the T, crossing all your t’s and dotting all your i’s is an understatement.  You can not relie upon the old school “layman” policy, that is a Pro Se does not know better and the judge should be soft.  If You believe the judge will follow this policy you will fail.  The truth is the attorney and the judge is out to get you. Make sure when you submit any statements, they are typed, signed and notaries and most important submitted in affidavit form.  When crossing your t’s make sure the attorney documents don’t have flaws, like no signatures by witnesses.  Make sure to check his work.  Attorneys are bullies to Pro Ses and often make these minor errors which are not allowed in court.  It is up to You to catch them and have the judge decide in your case.